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In April, Dr. Gomes presented a lecture in Porto, Portugal

How to live well and healthy was the theme for the the conference organized by the Território dos Afetos Association in Portugal. A event sponsored by the Order of the Portuguese Psychologysts.

There are different ways to see and understand the meaning of living well and healthy. It can be interpreted as a life style or a intense dedication to happiness.

“Human beings lost their sense of understanding on suffering and happiness. Civilizations went through different perspectives of what means to be happy and well.”

Maybe the frenetic search for happiness made post-modern society to invent a new relation between life and suffering.

Quick fix tragedy: the idea that we can deal with #suffering with things like “5 steps to happiness” or that we can become successful if we follow some secret recipe and magically change the course of life.

Uniformity tragedy: even though #society has evolved in many important aspects of social life, we still struggle with prejudice, discrimination, and hatred. Part of this problem is grounded on the idea that nobody can be different from the norm. A tragic mentality that points to #happiness as a result of uniformity.

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