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We need a psychoanalysis that addresses the current context of life and mental suffering

We cannot think about a psychoanalysis that functions grounded on the same perspectives as it had in the beginning of the XX Century.

The changes that have occurred in modern society with regard to social dynamics, relational models and thinking are notorious. Some scholars as Zygmunt Bauman considered these changes radical in terms of thinking and social dynamics

“The many psychoanalysis and their contributions must offer hopes for the current context of life as an effective clinical-theoretical component for a modern and liquid world, especially with regard to a praxis focused on attachment and the impact of virtual relations.”

The relevance of the many #psychoanalysis in 21 Century occurs in 3 fundamental aspects: the first with regard to social transformations and their interference in the theorical development and practice of #analytical work. Second, with the possibility of identifying the complexity of postmodern social dynamics in relation to the clinical challenges. And finally, in the development of new forms of theoretical #knowledge of current methods through the therapeutic historicity of psychoanalysis.

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