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Dr. Marcelo Gomes participates in the Psychoanalysis International Conference

Dr. Marcelo Gomes was one of the guests speakers in the international psychoanalysis conferences in Orlando, USA

Psychoanalysts from USA, UK, Portugal and Brazil met for 3 days in the Florida Hotel in Orlando to discuss important aspects of life during this post pandemic time.

Imagism might be one of the best analogies to understand the imagery patterns of social media and how it is changing different components of societal mechanisms such as politics, education, religion, and, in regard to mental health, clinical experience.”

Dr. Gomes spoke about the connection between social media dynamics and the process of free association in clinical setting.

Instead of subjective and imaginary #storytelling forms from books and real-life interactions, now, #socialmedia images and provocative “tweets” are shaping social groups functioning, personal interests, values, and even the #mental representations of the world we live in.

The lack of patient’s discourse in postmodern #clinical setting can be also a reflection on how social medial is impacting people’s thinking by the exacerbation of #imagistic forms of interaction, virtual #relationships, and communication.

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